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About Young Heroes

If you’re a young guy who takes care of himself and wants to know about sexuality, gender, relationships and other cool stuff, then you’re in the right place!

This website is for young guys who are outstanding AND understanding.

You need to know how to make safer sex choices, even if you’re not having sex yet.  This is safe space you can visit whenever you want to know about sexual health and learn about condoms, lube, HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  This is info that you might use, or maybe even someone that you know.   We’ll share content about cyber bullying, dating, depression, better friendships and how to kick peer pressure in the butt.  We’ll also find out from you guys what you want to learn more about.  It’s all about you guys!

There are many ways to be a hero and “save the day”, and the best way is to empower yourself with facts that can help you to live your best life.