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There can be a lot of pressure in society to drink alcohol.  This is something that even adults struggle with.  Alcohol can make you feel great and more confident, but it can also prevent you from thinking clearly and make you behave in ways you normally wouldn’t. In this way, alcohol can be very dangerous and cause a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. There is a good reason why it is illegal for people younger than 18 to drink alcohol.  Alcohol abuse is linked to risky sexual behavior and sadly many people use alcohol to take advantage of others and being drunk can make you vulnerable and put you at risk of others if you drink so much that you cannot control yourself or pass out.

Alcohol affects the brain in many ways.  It can make you lose your balance and therefore many people under the influence of alcohol fall and hurt themselves.  It also stops the brain from working the way it should and can prevent you from making good decisions.  It is illegal to drink alcohol and drive a car because it affects your ability to control yourself and make good decisions so severely.  Hundreds of people die in car accidents every year because of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol causes some people to behave strangely.  Some people become more aggressive and can become violent and others can become more sexual or “horny” under the influence, making them want to have sex in situations that they normally never would.

If you are younger than 18, you really shouldn’t drink because your brain is still developing and it can have a strong effect on your emotions, hormones and the way that you think and behave.  If you do find yourself in a situation where you decide to drink remember the following:

  • Pace yourself.  It’s very dangerous to drink alcohol quickly.  Sip it gradually over a period so you can have a better idea of how drunk you are getting. If you drink something now it can take up to 20 minutes or more before you start to feel the effects.
  • Make sure you are I a safe environment.  If you are going to drink it can make you vulnerable.  Make sure that you trust the people that are around you and that if you do start to feel sick or need to go and lie down, you can do it somewhere you will be safe and nobody can take advantage of you.
  • Try drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.  Alcohol dehydrates the body and this is what makes you feel so sick the day after.  Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, otherwise, you will have a terrible headache the next day.

Remember, there’s no rush to grow up.  You will have plenty of opportunities to try or enjoy alcohol in your life as an adult.  It’s better to wait until you are mature enough for your body to process the alcohol.

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