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Everybody always tells you how “bad” drugs are, but very few people warn you about how good they can make you feel.  That is why they are so dangerous.  Many drugs like ‘ecstasy’, MDMA, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin and nyaope make you feel a rush that feels extremely good in your body, and this is what makes drugs so addictive.

Other drugs like marijuana can relax you, and this can cause you to rely on them when you get uptight.  In some cases, taking drugs may be the best feeling or sensation that you have ever had before, but the problem is that these drugs are doing terrible things to your body and mind even if they feel good.  These drugs harm your internal organs and can do serious damage to your brain and the way your brain works. Some of these drugs can even kill you.  Some drugs cause the body to overheat, and others can cause your heart to stop beating.  Taking illegal drugs is always a massive risk, but drug dealers will often try and convince you that it isn’t such a big deal.

At the end of the day only you can make the decision for yourself and the best thing you can do is just know as much about the drug you want to take as possible.  Make sure you have someone with you that you trust, that you have plenty of water to drink and that there is a safe place that you can go if you start to freak out.

People use drugs for a variety of reasons.  It’s not as if someone who uses drugs or is addicted to drugs is a “bad” person. Anyone could become addicted to drugs.  Some people find themselves using drugs to be rebellious or because they’re bored and others see their friends and family using drugs and that’s what leads them to it.  Judging or discriminating against people who use drugs won’t help the issue because many drug users become addicted because they feel judged or rejected by others and use the drugs to escape.

Many people also become addicted to prescription drugs that are available from pharmacies and this can also be a serious risk.  All drugs have powerful effects on the body and can cause serious harm, if they are not used correctly.

More than 60 000 people die every year from using illegal drugs.  That is a very big deal.

Some people have terrible reactions to drugs and can have horrible and traumatizing experiences because some drugs can even cause you to have a psychotic episode.  When this happens, you can have a terrifying experience where you lose a sense of reality and can put yourself and others in very dangerous situations.

It’s difficult to know how any drug will affect you because you cannot be sure what any of the ingredients are.  Because these drugs are illegal, there is no way to regulate or be sure what ingredients have been used to make them and many drug dealers and producers have been known to use poisonous chemicals like rat poison in the drugs to make the effects more potent.

If you or a friend have started using drugs and are starting to get worried that you may have a problem, here are some numbers or organisations that you can be in touch with to get help:

Drug Helpline: Toll-free 0800 121314, while SMS’s can also be sent to 32312.