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Dating Someone Older Than You

Dating Someone Older Than You

It may seem exciting to date someone much older than you.  They seem independent, drive cars, they earn money, and it appears that they can do whatever they want.  But if you are still young it can be a bad idea for several reasons.  If you are eighteen or younger, you are still shaping and forming yourself into who and what you want to be, and being intimate with someone who is older in a relationship can have a strong influence on the person you will become.

Dating someone much older also causes you to have to ‘grow old’ before your time.  You get less than 18 years to be young, and you probably have more than 60 years to be an adult, so enjoy your youth while you still have it.

Older people are mentally ready to do things that younger people may not be ready to do yet, and you don’t want to find yourself being pressured to do something you don’t want to do.

There will be loads of time in the future to enjoy being an adult with a car and a job and bills to pay.  Don’t rush it.  Imagine if you were in grade 6 and then found out that you had to write grade 11 exams the next day.  It’s a lot like that.