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If You Or Someone You Know Is Being Sexually Abused, Read This

If you or someone you know is being sexually abused, read this

Recently, the country was shocked by news of a teacher and sports coach sexually abusing some of the boys at a very respected school in Johannesburg.

Unfortunately, everyone only found out when he was caught on the school camera.  What is disturbing is that none of the boys came forward to report that they were being abused.  This was because the teacher was very popular in the school and the boys were scared that nobody would believe them.  This is how the man could molest as many boys as he did over time.

What is sexual abuse or molestation?
It’s when someone older or bigger forces or convinces someone smaller or younger than them to do something sexual. That could be getting you to take your clothes off, or touching you anywhere on your body that is private, like your penis.

Some people can even sexually harass or abuse other people online or on the internet, which is also a crime.

Nobody has the right to touch you where you don’t want to be touched, and even if they threaten you or tell you that nobody will believe you, you can still call Childline, Lifeline or Teddy Bear Foundation and find a way for them to help you.  There is always a way to be helped.

If you or someone you know is being abused or molested, you can get help by contacting any of these numbers to find support.